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Why Levi Husky Park programs?

  We strive to create a space to bring people and animals together, in a place where wild nature and modern people can safely come in contact with each other in an environment that is identical to the one these animals live in, in the Lapland wilderness. Our excursions take place in Lapland’s wilderness, in Finland’s largest natural protected areas. 

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Winter Forest Husky Ride 2km


A 2KM ride for the whole family, through the snow-filled forest and across the frozen lake. The large sled can fit the whole family, and the guide will take care of the driving. After the excursion, your guide will introduce you to the animals of the park.

Transportation to Levi Husky Park is not included in the price.

Duration:1-1,5 h.

Price: Adults 55 €, Children 32 € (2-12y).

(Christmas pricing, Adults 59 €, Children 36 €.)

Huskyexpress at Lake Munajärvi 4km


Experience the thrill of a husky ride on Lake Munajärvi! The guide will drive, while you can marvel at the beautiful wintery scenery. After the ride, the guide will take you back to the Husky Park, where the whole family will get to meet the animals of the park. Hot drinks and sausages are included in the price.

Transportation to Levi Husky Park is not included in the price.

Duration: 1,5h.

Price: Adults 74 €, Children 42 euro (2-12y).


(Christmas pricing, Adults 79 €, Children 46 €)

Please notice that there is limited availability in online bookings. We have daily progmas. You can also make reservations by phone or email. 

Arctic Rides - Reindeer and Huskies


Experience authentic transportation, reindeer, and dogs, all at once! We’ll go 2KM on the dog sled, then a 1KM loop with the reindeer sled. The guide will introduce you and the whole family to reindeer life, as well as the Husky Park and its animals. Snacks around the fire are included in the price.

Duration: 2,5 h.

Price: Adults 89 €, Children 56 € (2-12v). 

Family ticket 294 €

(2 adults + 2-3 children). 

Guided park visit


During your visit the whole family has opportunity to get to know Levi Husky Park’s everyday life, the animals that live there and traditions of the sledge dogs. Meet Siberian huskies, friendly guide dogs, movie animals such as wolf dogs, foxes and our famous kissing reindeer.  Hot juices are included in the price.

Transportation to Levi Husky Park is not included in the price.

Duration: 30min-1h.

Price: Adults 12 €, Children 6 € (2-12y)

Wolf Safari


When dusk arrives, we’ll bring out the wolves and head out on a quiet mystical forest ride through the Lapland wilderness. We’ll stop at a campfire and listen to nature’s beautiful sounds. This excursion is available from the middle of January onwards, and the length of the trip is 10KM. Booking in advance is necessary. It’s great for a celebration evening, or something a little bit more exotic for a couple. 

Transportation to Levi Husky Park is not included in the price.

Price: Adults180 €, Children 92 € (2-12y). 

HuskyExpress Booking Service


Book a husky sleigh with a guide to your chosen destination. An unforgettable ride, for a birthday or wedding event! We will take into account the feasibility of your requested ride, and do our best to accommodate your needs.  The service, duration, distance, and location of the ride are all factors in pricing.  Ask for an offer!

Contact Information

Levi Husky Park Inarintie, Sokkapora 99140 Köngäs Bookings & Inquiries +358 40 570 6572 or [email protected] Other Questions & Billing [email protected]

Levi Husky Park 11 km from Levi 2,5km from Köngäs to Inari. Address to a navigator: INARINTIE 263, KITTILÄ/KÖNGÄS