Polar Speed Kennel

40 years of training, educating and

breeding Siberian Huskies.


The care and education of the kennel’s dogs is based on decades of experience in canine pack behavior, lifestyles and needs. Responsible animal care is our way of life and self-evident, not just a price of honor or a once-earned badge of merit that we advertise with.

The founder of Huskypuisto, Reijo Jääskeläinen, has been breeding training and racing Siberian Huskies for over 40 years. The kennel’s sled dogs are following their original purpose, pulling a sled and living in a heard.   Polar Speed’s breeds have been involved in winning both Finnish and international dog sled races. They have won several Finnish and Nordic championships and successfully participated in competitions in the Alps and Pyrenees. You can find Siberian Huskies originating from Polar Speed Kennel throughout Europe. 

The kennel’s stud dogs are from  the American Igloo Pak line. For more information follow the link:




Contact Information

For more information about training and breeding sled dogs send an email to [email protected]

Levin Huskypuisto Oy

Inarintie 263, 99140 Köngäs

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tel. +358 40 570 6572