Film animals

Animal training – following nature’s own methods

Animals inherit a basic set of behavior. However, most mammals learn from role models to be able to adapt to their surroundings and stay alive. This is very true, especially for herd animals like wolves.

By simply observing various animals for decades, the owner of Levi Huskypark and his staff have been able to adapt this training method to all Levi Huskypark’s animals. They prefer using old and skilled animals to train the younger ones. The common practice in the field of animal training is to separate the babies from their parents at a very young age. However, this is not the preferred method in Levi Huskypark. 

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Poromafia, reindeer Taigo, Finland, 2022

Mestari Chang, Reijo as a fischerman, Finland, 2019

Anselmi – Nuori ihmissusi, Boogie and his pack, Finland, 2014

Schneekönigin, Sled dog team, Germany, 2014

Kekkonen tulee, reindeers Taigo & Sälli ja Reijo, Finland, 2013

Tumman veden päällä, Peter Franzen biography, wolfdog Devil, Finland, 2013

Hanna, Siberian Husky puppies,  arctic fox, USA, 2011

Kotirauha, wolfdog Devil, Finland, 2011

Syvälle salattu, Siberian Husky Kimi, Finland, 2011

Lumikuningatar, wolfdog Devil, Finland, 2011

Codename: Farewell, wolfdog Devil, France, 2009

Joulutarina, Reindeer, Finland, 2007

Mystery of the Wolf, Siberian Husky puppies,  Finnland, 2006

Gösta Berlings Saga, Siberian Huskies,  Sweden, 1986

Lumikuningatar, Suomi, 1986



Mikael Gabriel & Nublu musiikkivideo, Vihje, Willi kettu, koiravaljakko, Suomi/Eesti, 2022

Porsche Advertisement, DRIVE2EXTREMES, Johny FPV, Sled dog team, Finland, Arab united Emirates, 2021

Temptation Island Finland, Ketut Maisa & Willi & Nappi Naali, Suomi, 2021

Gugguu Kids, christmas story, Naali, Punaketut, Poro, Suomi,2020

Magic of Lapland, Koirasudet Nala ja Chiina, Suomi, 2018

X factor, Suomi, 2018

Tehtävä LapissaSuomi, 2017

Joulukalenteri, Jäätävä seikkailu, koirasudet Salla ja Mosku, (YLE) Suomi, 2016

Mira ja miljoonakodit, Suomi, 2015

David Hasselhof show, Siberian huskyt, Suomi, 2015

 Porokuiskaajan arvoitus Taigo poro, Suomi (YLE), 2014

Robin musiikkivideo, Haluan sun palaavan Siberian Huskyt, Suomi, 2012

Lordi musiikkivideo, Hard rock halleluja, Siberian huskyt,  2006