Levi Husky Park

Feel the spirit of arctic people’s ancient lifestyle.

Come and meet our genuine Siberian Huskydogs, reindeer, cute puppies and film animals.


Autumn season is here. We are open Wednesdays and Sundays at 12.00 and 1.pm.

Other times please call and book +358 40 5706572

In terms of nature and animals

We want to enable a meeting place for people and animals where the wild nature and modern people can meet each other safely by respecting animals natural way of living in our park by the great wilderness of Lapland.

Always Pre-Book!

Contact Information

Our furry friends


Genuine arctic Siberian huskies are always enthusiastic to run.

Film wolves

Our film wolves are experienced performer and they are used to flashlights.

Arctic fox

This arctic specie lives its life in the North. Our arctic fox loves to entertain.


Our fox is natural performer. It wants you to enjoy its tricks.

Kissing reindeer

You’re warmly welcome to meet our reindeer. Our reindeer want to kiss.

What we do

Our service

Feel the spirit of arctic lifestyle in Levi Husky Park. You’re welcome to visit our dogs, experience the 2 and 4 km rides and wolf safari. We also co-operate with other companies in our area and for example we organize together with Ounaskievari Arctic Rides activity where you can participate both short reindeer and husky rides on Fridays. We have made many filming productions together with huskies and reindeer. We are easy to reach by snowmobile from Levi and also experience a short husky ride  at the same time. The safari suits for all.


Note the following when coming to the park.

At our park


  • Please stay with your guide while you are visiting the park.
  • Please leave your dogs at home!
  • Please refrain from feeding the animals. 
  • Approach the dogs calmly, and let them sniff the back of your hand before petting. 
  • Dogs are friendly, but the younger ones tend to be more energetic. Please refrain from putting gloves or fingers through the fence. 
  • Please leave kid’s toys in the car, or put them safely in a bag before heading into the park. They can sometimes remind the dogs of their own training toys, and they may get excited. 
  • Small children must stay with adults.
  • You can purchase souvenirs, post cards, gifts, etc. from our gift shop. 



Our term and conditions

Prices include 10% tax

When riding, please refrain from standing in the sled. The guide will direct the animals.

If you decide to reserve Husky Express, we can tailor a trip outside of the park, with or without a guide.

Special group-tailored trips (ie. For students and children groups) is also an option.

We reserve the right to change trips due to weather conditions. 

We reserve the right to price changes. 

Our contact information

Levi Husky Park

Inarintie, Sokkapora
99140 Köngäs

Inquiries and reservation

+358 40 5706572 or [email protected]

Other things such as invoicing

[email protected]

Levi Husky Park is 11 km from Levi

2,5 km from Köngäs along the road to Inari.

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